Mr. Kastamonitis at the old fortress of Corfu
Christos I. Kastamonitis has a Bachelor’s degree in Automation Engineering, having graduated from the Automation Engineering Department of the University of Applied Sciences of Piraeus (former Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus) in Greece in 2005. In his graduation thesis, he has studied the performance of classical and advanced control algorithms on a FOPDT model under the guidance of Dr. George Syrcos and the results of his essay were presented at the 1rst eRA Conference.
In 2011, he completed his postgraduate studies in the field of Informatics at Ionian University, gaining further specialization in Computer Networks. During his studies, he participated at the 2nd summer school in Biotechnology & BioInformatics organized by Dr. Panayiotis Vlamos. In his master’s thesis, tutored by Dr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, he studied the significance of techno economic decision support systems for the introduction of advanced wireless broadband technologies based on IEEE 802.16 protocol.
In Greece, Mr. Kastamonitis has mainly worked as an IT Educator in primary schools and vocational training centres and as a technical assistant in the private sector. During his mandatory military service, he served as a Class A private in the Hellenic Force of Cyprus (ΕΛΔΥΚ).
In 2013, he moved to UK due to the political and financial crisis in Greece and in 2016, he attended an intermediate vocational course in Visual C# at Cambridge Regional College in order to update his software programming skills.

Mr. Kastamonitis currently works as a Support Engineer for a global customer-oriented organisation.

Mr. Kastamonitis is also a member of European Installation Bus Association (KNX-EIBA) as a licensed EIB Partner, and recently a member of various professional groups in Cambridge.